Hackers are targeting your business right now

This is 100% true because they are targeting all businesses, all of the time.

Whereas once hacking was something done for the challenge and the bragging rights, these days it’s a form of organised crime.

Hackers use automated tools that are constantly looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit.

This is why it takes just one click on a dodgy email to let someone into your entire network.

To know what you’re up against, download our brand new guide: The 9 cyber threats you need to know about now.

We’re TKNOWIT LIMITED, looking after businesses in Malton, Ryedale and beyond. And we’re on a mission to educate thousands more businesses around here about how to keep themselves safe from hackers.

Cyber crime is the fastest growing crime to affect businesses. When you see what you’re up against, you’ll be better prepared.

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System Healthcheck

tKnowITcan provide home and business users with system healthchecks.

We offer a service that involves a review of the health of your IT equipment. This includes checking that you have applied essential service packs to the operating system and software packages, checking that peripheral and component drivers have not corrupted and if there are any upgrades that would improve your systems performance or life.

If this would be of interest then let us know and we can discuss a price based on how often you would like this to be done.