You need this feature if your browser looks like this

We all have different ways of working. Some of us prefer to have a minimal amount of things displayed on our screens. Others thrive when everything is open and in sight.

But we can all agree that having 20 tabs open in your browser at any one time has a negative effect on productivity.

Simply because it takes so much more time to find the web pages and services you need when you’re looking for them.

This might not be a problem for much longer.

Improve your productivity with Microsoft Lists

Productivity tools have come in very handy in the last couple of years and have developed rapidly in that time.
But for many of us, there is nothing better than a list.
Microsoft’s List tool could be an option for you.
What our latest video which will show you how it integrates with teams and other apps you use.

Russian cyber-attack threat: How to protect your business

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks.

And while many of the attacks are between these two countries, there is very real potential for other countries to fall victim to cyber-attacks by Russia, thanks to the sanctions placed upon it.

Over in the US, President Joe Biden declared the government had been improving national cyber security defences for some time now.

New ‘How To’ videos for Microsoft Outlook now available

Our ‘How To’ videos section has proved very popular.

The last couple of batches of videos covered Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.

Our latest batch of ‘How To’  videos deal with Microsoft Outlook.

Plenty of tips including:

Two thirds of remote workers use a faulty device so they don’t get into trouble

A new report has discovered that 67% of remote workers are using faulty tech when they work remotely.

And often that’s because they’ve accidentally damaged the tech themselves… they don’t want to admit it to their boss in case they get into trouble.

A company that sells refurbished technology surveyed 2,500 UK employees.

It found that laptops were most likely to be broken, followed by keyboards, monitors and PCs.

Most of the time the damage was done by spilled food and drink. Other causes of damage included other people in the house – such as a partner or housemates – and of course, pets.

We’ve all watched in horror as a cat brushes itself against a full glass of water next to a laptop…

A clever new type of ransomware attack

It seems like we’re talking about cyber scams a lot at the moment. And now there’s another new trick you need to be aware of.

Cyber criminals are smart. They’re forever coming up with new ways to infiltrate your devices and networks to access your valuable data.

Fortunately, the defence weapons continue to get stronger and stronger to help keep you protected. Some email systems are now especially good at identifying malicious messages and threats.

But if your website has a contact form – and most do – you face a new threat. That’s because cyber criminals are using web forms to spread malware.

It’s time to check your business’s defences against the threat of Russian cyber attack

While the cyber security of your business should always be a high priority, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means that businesses may be at an increased risk of cyber-attack.

Although there is no direct threat at present, the West is placing a range of sanctions on Russia. There could be retaliation, and Russia has used cyber-attacks in the past.

But what does this mean for your business?

How to protect your webcam from spies

A good webcam has become an important part of doing business in the last couple of years as we adapt to working from home or elsewhere in the new hybrid environment.

Unfortunately, hackers can use tools to try to spy on people using their webcams.

There are free and easy ways to protect yourself and your staff and our new video shows you how (for windows 10 and 11)

View LinkedIn profiles in your Microsoft Teams chats

Microsoft recently announced it’s working on a new feature which will allow you to see colleagues’ LinkedIn profiles during personal chats in Teams.

Do you know if any of your staff would click a dodgy link?

Do you know if any of your staff would click a dodgy link?

Phishing is one of many cyber-crimes and it’s a pain.

Emails are sent by criminals pretending to be someone they are not, hoping someone will click on a link and accidentally provide them with access to your data.

Do you think your team would be able to spot that phishing email?

Watch the latest video to see the easy way to check.