Recent years have seen an explosion in the types of displays available.

Convergence of IT and Home Entertainment markets has helped bring down the price of the newer technologies aswell as increasing the variety of uses for these products.

TFT Flat Panel LCD Monitors
These have become the preferred monitors for most people. They are based on the same  technology as the displays used in laptop computers. These use less electricity, generate less heat and take up less space than an equivalent screen sized CRT monitor.

As users watch more DVD films and use Windows Vista or Windows 7 then they benefit from a widescreen monitor rather than the older 4:3 ratio screens. A 19″ widescreen is ideal for most peoples home use and most typical office roles.

Plasma Screens
These are mainly used for large presentation screens and home cinema screens. With the increase in ‘flat panel TVs’ in recent years the price of plasma flat-panels has fallen.

MultiMedia Projectors
These have become a viable option for businesses to buy and use. The brightness, resolution and ease of setup have all improved, while at the same time, prices have fallen. Home cinema versions are also available and becoming affordable for those with a high-end home cinema need.

CRT Monitors
The most commonly used and familiar display to most people was the CRT monitor. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube and is the thing that makes a standard monitor so deep. As these took up more desk space and were typically less energy efficient than the newer flat panel displays they are less common. Typically if you are buying a new PC then it can also be a good time to replace and CRT monitor with a flat panel display.