Welcome to your GDPR Staff Questionnaire

Please answer all questions and answer them honestly and openly.

Position /Job Title
Business Name
How often do you change your passwords?
Are you aware of the company's policies regarding computer usage
Have you ever been to a presentation regarding IT Security?
Do you allow other users access to your machine?
How do you deal with email and do you only open email from trusted sources?
Does the company force you to change your password every 30 or so days?
Do you use a laptop and if so how do you connect from home?
How long is your password and does it contain any special characters?
What do you do with your machine when you go for a break?
What do you know about IT security in general?
Have the IT policies been explained to you in any detail and do you understand them?
Do you know where the security policies are situated?
Where do you store your passwords?
If you suspect a virus incident, are you aware of the process to follow?
Are you aware of any policies regulating USB devices?
Are you aware that sensitive data is required to be identified as such when interchanging the data with other people?