Internet Phone Services

Internet Phone Services, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), can save home and business users a great deal on their phone services.

Using Internet Phone Services from tKnowIT can give you several new phone lines (effectively) without needing new physical lines to be fitted. With much lower monthly line rental charges than conventional phone lines and no 12 month contract periods you can be up and running with new lines/numbers very quickly. All you need is an existing phone line with a broadband service on it. If you move premises, even to a different town, city or country, you simple need to get an internet connection and you can start making and receiving phone calls with your allocated phone number(s).

So you could be in York but decide to move to a small business park in a village but still provide your services to York – your number will still work.

We provide a range of Internet phones and phone exchanges that can be used in conjunction with your existing phones and phone lines or independently.