Which member of your staff is using the password “Fluffy1234”?

Someone is. Or some other weak variant of their pet’s name, child’s name, or their favourite football team.

We’ve seen all of these. And so have the hackers. And that’s why passwords like these are so easy to crack.

People and their passwords are the weakest link in any organisation’s security. That includes businesses in Ryedale and beyond.

Our new video shows you how to easily add a powerful extra layer of security.

If you have a Windows 7 machine and you use it for business, you MUST replace it by the end of this year.
Why? Because it’ll be a major target for hackers in January next year (2020).
This is a serious threat to many businesses in Ryedale and beyond. It will leave their entire computer network open to hackers.
We’ve created a new short video to tell you why it’s such a problem, and why you mustn’t wait too long to replace your old tech. Remember what happened when the NHS were still running Windows XP?
To comply with GDPR you should also have a plan to replace any machines running windows 7.

It might have only just turned 2019. But we want you to look ahead to next January, in 2020.
Because there’s a major software problem on the way… and it’s going to affect half of all businesses and organisations in Ryedale.
In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of lots of old versions of popular software.
This includes the 2010 version of Office, some popular server software – and Windows 7.
If you have even one computer that runs any of this software, you’ve got a major headache from next January.
In fact, your business will be at severe risk of being hacked, as well as no longer being GDPR-compliant.
We’ve put together a brand new guide to help you see if your business will be affected – anyone can check, regardless of technical ability.
Plus we tell you why you mustn’t wait till next year to take action. This problem has to be tackled now.

21 ways to help your staff get more done, in less time – with Office 365
Do you already use Microsoft Office 365 in your business?
Lots of people already do. It’s now got 120 million active users across the world. And 50,000 small businesses sign up every month.