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Office 365: Checking for updates

Start MS Word Click File menu option then click Account Click Update Options followed by Update Now A message will then appear

Windows 10: How to check for updates

Click Windows flag in bottom left corner of screen then click on the cog Click on Update & Security Click the Check for updates button

A clever way to replay notes you've scribbled on a document

Using Word, PowerPoint and Excel is so much fun now. Because there are so many things you can do with your documents. Like scribble notes on them. Perfect when you’re using a tablet. And did you know, there’s a functionality called Ink Replay that allows you to literally watch the exact moment you scribbled the note again.

Your email is your greatest tool. And biggest threat

Because we rely on email so much to run our businesses, it’s our greatest tool (no matter how much you might sigh when you see how many unread emails you have). But because there’s so much activity in there. And you can receive emails from anyone, it’s the most common way to try to breach your business. Hackers are targeting every business, every day. Using clever automated tools.

Hackers are targeting your business right now

This is 100% true because they are targeting all businesses,…

Wouldn’t it be life changing to reach Inbox Zero… every day?

Wouldn't that be good. No emails at the end of each day. No worrying that you've missed something important. Or scrolling through the same emails again and again, when you'd rather be playing with your kids (doh!). Inbox Zero isn't reached by having fewer emails... that's really hard to achieve. Instead, you need to change the way you handle emails.

What secrets are you giving away on social media?

Could a puppy get your business hacked? How lovely. Lisa in accounts has a brand new puppy. It's taking over her life. There are photos on her desk. It's all she seems to talk about. Hey - she even changed her password to include his name. And suddenly that puppy has become a security risk to your business. Because hackers are clever.

5 terrifying password stats

Are poor password practices putting your business at risk? Our…

5 ways OneNote will help you have a more organised life

To get more done in your business, you and your team need to be highly organised, and have systems to leverage information. There’s a perfect tool for this – and you probably already have it. OneNote from Microsoft is part of the powerful and popular Office 365 suite.