BYOD – the business risks

It’s convenient for your staff to use their own mobiles for work. But it also puts you at huge risk…

There’s a concept called BYOD – which stands for Bring Your Own Device.

You might not have heard of that term, but you probably do it. Because it’s where your staff use their own mobile, iPad or laptop to do company work.

And that means they have access to company data on devices that you don’t 100% control.

Most of the time that’s not a problem. Until an employee leaves their laptop on a train – or has their mobile stolen.

Oh No! Your company data –  In someone else’s hands!! With less than robust security protection. And no opportunity for you to remotely delete it.

You think that’s a problem now? There are new data protection laws coming in May (called the GDPR) which should scare you. Because there are big fines – and the likelihood of public humiliation – if you lose data.

You won’t be able to hide a data breach in the future.

We’ve written a guide all about BYOD – the 6 areas that should concern you the most, and what to do about them.

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