Season’s Greetings to one and all,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It looks like this year, Christmas will be a little closer to normal than last year so try to have fun if you can and avoid clicking on those phishing links, opening those ‘too good to be true’ emails.

As in previous years, be caution from calls claiming to be from BT or Microsoft suggesting that your computer has been hacked. Also avoid calling any numbers that your computer may pop-up that say your computer is infected and to call Microsoft or similar. They will not be from Microsoft, BT or anyone else wanting to really help. If you get a call politely (optional) say “thank you for letting me know, you’ll contact your IT support people to take a look”, put the phone down and if you feel unsure, email or call me. If you computer pops up a message to say you are infected and to call a number, or it even talks to you, turn it off and call me for advice, it’s usually a browser ‘pop-up’ trying to scare you into thinking your computer is infected.

This year, as highlighted in a BBC News segment, there has been a rapid increase in the number of parcel delivery scam texts this Christmas.

Hacking your accounts is still a major issue. As recommended last year, if you can, activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to reduce the risks, use different passwords for your different accounts and consider a password manager to make these easier to keep on top of.

If you get really (and I mean REALLY) bored over the Christmas break you can have a look at a few videos from the tKnowIT website that will give you some security tips and even tips on word, excel, teams and PowerPoint.

How To Videos

How easy to hack is your business?

Our services will be running over the holiday period and, depending upon which one’s you have, monitoring, protecting and maintaining your systems and alerting us to any problems.

Let’s make it a Happy New Year and not a Hacky New Year

Let’s keep away the computer viruses as well as that real virus and hope it doesn’t spoil another year.

Hope to see you all in the New Year