Seasons Greeting to one and all,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Although it may be a challenge this Christmas try to have fun if you can and avoid clicking on those phishing links, opening those ‘too good to be true’ emails.

As with last year, be caution from calls claiming to be from BT or Microsoft suggesting that your computer has been hacked. They will try to install some remote access software then ask you to go to your bank website. Once in they will freeze you out while they transfer money from your account to theirs. The software is not malicious so anti-virus software can not detect their malicious intent. It’s a Social Engineering attack that is becoming more common and I’ve seen a rise in calls from people who’ve had the call.
Politely say “thank you for letting me know, you’ll contact your IT support people to take a look”, put the phone down and if you feel unsure, email or call tKnowIT.

As we come to the end of this year we are seeing an increase in attempts to hack cloud accounts and in particular email accounts. If you can, activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to reduce the risks, use different passwords for your different accounts and consider a password manager to make these easier to keep on top of.

Our services will be running over the holiday period and, depending upon which one’s you have, monitoring, protecting and maintaining your systems and alerting us to any problems.

Let’s make it a Happy New Year and not a Hacky New Year

Let’s keep away the computer viruses and more importantly make sure, this year, we keep the real viruses from spoiling another year.

Hope to see you all in the New Year