New website for tKnowIT at

Welcome to one of our new look websites. Over time the word ‘new’ will become pointless but until there is more content and structure to the site then it’s relevant.

The site uses WordPress. At the time of writing the main tKnowIT website uses a Joomla based Content Management System (CMS). After a great deal of thought I decided that the tKnowIT site should use Joomla rather than WordPress. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but I decided that Joomla would allow me to produce a website that met my requirements for appearance and structure and allowed me to upload new content easily. WordPress can do the same but it did not have the full structure and feature set I got from Joomla.

Both Joomla and WordPress do make life simpler than it used to be though. With a static website I needed to sit down at a specific machine with my web design software, Dreamweaver, and create new pages, menus and revisions and then republish the design. For a site with as much content as the website this became difficult to manage – and it became to easy to ‘put off’ updates. The site design was also redone at least once during its life as a static html based website. although CSS stylesheets, etc can make this process easier it consumes too much time for a large site.

I still think that static html based websites can work though. Search engines can easily read the page content and for start-ups and businesses with a need for only a few pages they’re a good starting point. I have noticed that dynamic websites can take a while to display the content if the platform or database server is not performing to a decent standard – resulting in slow page load times – which the search engines are not going to look favourably on.

So why a seperate site using WordPress for tKnowIT information. Well partly to see how new information can be delivered to search engines, social networking systems, etc but also to see how search engines feed on the information compared to something like Joomla. As WordPress is also more of a blogging tool then I am more inclined to enter random comments, opinions, mini-reviews of things I am trying out, etc.