If we wouldn’t use it, why should you ?

Choosing the right equipment, knowing what to look for, knowing what to do when something goes wrong are not things that most people want to worry about.

tKnowIT provide IT Solutions. We can simply give you quotes for new equipment or software but we can also provide IT support and consultancy that leads to a fully operational solution that meets your requirements. ie. it does the job, offers value for money and lets you get on with the tasks you need to do rather than spending months trying to work out what you need, where to get it and then how to get it to work.

tKnowIT will only recommend products to you that we would, or do, use ourselves. Each situation is different and we will recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your specific requirements.

Price, ease of use, running costs and working environment are amongst the factors that we will take into account. Another important factor that we will consider is what tKnowIT call the “Best Before Factor”. We will take into account emerging technologies and make sure you are not recommended something that will be out-of-date in 6 months time.

tKnowIT have years of experience working with IT equipment from various manufacturers but are not tied to any specific manufacturers or brands which means that we can give you impartial and independent advice on the product that will maximise the return on your investment.

With the emergence of the many IT equipment eShops you may find that you can find the items cheaper than we can supply them. We are happy to work with you to setup your hardware, software and systems that you may have purchased elsewhere and we are also happy to provide you with IT consultancy services to ensure to get the right equipment from these online eShops.