Services such as Microsoft’s Office 365 mean that businesses don’t always need expensive servers and other onsite systems. You can run your email in the cloud and store files securely in the cloud too. You can access emails and files securely from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If you are reviewing a server upgrade it may be worth considering the cloud for some or all of your email and data requirements.

You may prefer a hybrid solution which has a mix of cloud based services and onsite services. Most small businesses no longer will install an email server on-premises because they are not cost-effective when compared to equivalent Microsoft hosted Exchange server. However, you may prefer to store all data on-premises or may use a database or line of business software package that needs a dedicated server.

The recent Coronavirus concerns are making businesses consider how they can keep running and let staff work as much as possible.

There are other reasons you may decide to consider looking at remote or home working facilities. These include part-time staff, sick staff, staff with sick children, weather conditions, transport problems or you simply want a more flexible working environment.

VPN routers, remote desktop services, cloud synchronisation services and other services can be utilised on a temporary basis or on a longer term basis to give your workforce a more flexible working environment.

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