Season’s Greetings to one and all,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As in previous years, be caution from calls or emails claiming to be from BT or Microsoft suggesting that your computer has been hacked. If your computer pops up a message to say you are infected and to call a number, or it even talks to you, turn it off and call me for advice, it’s usually a browser ‘pop-up’ trying to scare you into thinking your computer is infected.

There has been an increase during 2023 of attacks like this and even people getting random calls from people suggesting the computer is infected or that their bank account has been accessed.

Thankfully education is helping so many of you have called me to check that they were right to suspect some dodgy caller.

Hacking your accounts is still a major issue. As recommended last year, if you can, activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to reduce the risks, use different passwords for your different accounts and consider a password manager to make these easier to keep on top of.

If you are worried about your passwords or accounts you can try out the email address and password checkers on the website
Has your email address been stolen? – tKnowIT

If you get bored over Christmas you can watch a few “How To” videos on the website.

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Additionally, on Tuesday there’ll be another email coming out with the latest Microsoft AI training courses. How exciting – I can imagine you all NOT saying :-)

No doubt there’ll be some new way to try to scam us in 2024.

As always, let’s make it a Happy New Year and not a Hacky New Year

Hope to see you all in the New Year

Stay Safe