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Cyber Criminals Are Taking Aim At SMEs

As long as there are emails to be mailed and loopholes in network security, there will be cyber criminals who try to breach your network and exploit your business. Today, every SME must constantly look for ways to continually protect their data, including and especially, their email systems. As we know, cyber threats come from both inside and outside sources, but a majority of the time, it’s typically the criminals outside that have their targets set on what’s within.

Let our Big Data Analysis & Threat Intelligence Expertise Make Your Email Safe

Official-PartnersOur partnership with The Email Laundry combines its industry leading cloud email reputation scoring with sophisticated dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence and automated threat response to enable organizations to more effectively detect and block these both targeted and general attacks. It’s more than spam filtering.

Everything is performed in the cloud so there is no need for addition onsite servers and because everything is filtered in the cloud it reduces the bandwidth of email traffic to your site and reduces the risks from attacks too.
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