No doubt you’ve seen on the news or your favourite social platform that Microsoft officially withdrew support for Windows 7 on tuesday. It has now reached the end of its life.
This means that we can no longer provide critical support for your Windows 7 machines.
What does that mean?
  •  We can help with small problems, such as advice on using the machines and resetting your password, etc
  •  But if anything goes wrong, there’s a strong chance we won’t be able to fix it, and there is the possibility of data loss. No professional IT support company will be able to guarantee a fix and zero data loss, as these machines are no longer supported by Microsoft
  •  If your machines are hacked or breached by malware, there’s a strong chance we may not be able to undo the damage
  •  Your machines are no longer GDPR-compliant
Most of the clients we look after have now upgraded to Windows 10 machines, which is the very latest technology.  Also the way that Microsoft deliver and update Windows 10 should make this less of an issue in future.
If you are still running Windows 7 you can upgrade to Windows 10 or upgrade to a new Windows 10 machine.
Would you like a quote for replacing your out of date machines or updating your existing machine to windows 10?
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